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Professional grade training and assessment for plumbing and gas

Plumbing and heating courses to build your skills, suitable for new entrants, people progressing in the workplace and experienced industry professionals.
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gas meter
A wide range of up to date commercial and domestic gas training, assessment and reassessment, for those joining the industry, extending their scope or renewing their qualifications.
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oil burner
A wide range of up to date oil training, assessment, for those joining the industry, extending their scope or updating their qualifications.
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Get trained the right way.

Our highly experienced training and assessment team have a wide variety of industry backgrounds in plumbing and heating, oil and domestic and commercial gas. Their expertise is used to enhance your learning, giving you the knowledge and professional grade skills you will need in the workplace.


We don’t believe in standing still. We offer courses which allow you to extend your scope in gas, giving you more potential in the workplace. We offer programmes which allow plumbers to take their skills to the next level.


If you want to change direction in your career, or to start a new one, we offer a range of courses which allow you to train as a plumber or gas engineer and take the first steps on your journey. Many highly successful plumbers and gas engineers started their careers as something else, or without any school qualifications, before finding their place in the industry.


Being qualified as a plumber or gas engineer can open doors, and many qualifications are internationally recognised. You can extend your range of knowledge and skills at any time, and age is not an issue for entering the industry or adding to your qualifications. You could have a great deal of flexibility to choose when you work, particularly if you become self-employed or work as a subcontractor.


Qualified plumbers and gas engineers can expect to be well paid, with earnings rising as you become better qualified and more experienced. The qualifications we offer will allow you to add more benefit to your employer, and to be paid more in return.
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